Saturday, September 4, 2010

Jack's 6th Birthday

Our little man is 6 years old!
Jack wanted a Robot/Outer Space party. We designed robots, made "flying saucer pizzas", played "Robot Says", and enjoyed robot cake!
For more pictures of the festivities, click here:
Jack is such a lovable, happy boy. He is so much fun!
His favorites things right now are:
Playmobil toys, The Cat in the Hat, spaghetti, popsicles, superheroes, planets, playing baseball, drawing & coloring, robots, the color blue, Texas Rangers baseball, Mizzou football, watching sports with daddy snuggled on the couch, Legos, Wendy's chili, Washington D.C., swimming, getting the mail, telling riddles, tickling, having made-up stories told to him, Motown music, going to the Library, running fast, teasing & joking, OT Bible stories, playing games on the computer, making up songs, having daddy put him to bed, and reading books with mommy.
We love him sooooooooooooooo much and we are so very blessed to have him!
Happy Birthday, Jack!


  1. Can you guess which one of these items made me laugh???? give up???????................
    MOTOWN! haha But, I must say---Jack, I agree!! We should go for a drive and listen to some Motown tunes!

  2. what a fun party! jack ALWAYS has the best parties! Happy #6 jack jack!